Deep Fat Fryers

As its name implies, deep fat fryers are used for deep-frying. They are a common kitchen appliance and can be widely seen in all sorts of kitchens ranging from domestic to commercial kitchens alike.

Types of Deep Fat Fryers

According to its power source, a deep fat fryer can be classified in two categories- electronic and gas.

Electric Deep Fat Fryers

An electronic deep fat fryer uses electrical energy as their main source of power. They are suitable for small volume usage such as in domestic homes.

Pros and Cons of Electronic Deep Fat Fryers:

Now let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of electric fryers in detail starting with the good points.
Pros of Electric Deep Fat Fryers:

  • The small and compact volume of an electronic deep fat fryer ensures storage convenience and ease of mobility.
  • They conduct less electricity to the surrounding atmosphere. This attributed to the fact that their heating elements are submerged in oil.
  • They have a quicker temperature recovery time period between frying cycles.
  • Usually, they are less costly.
  • Their servicing costs are lower; lower maintenance cost.

Cons of Electric Deep Fat Fryers:

  • They take more time to heat up
  • They cannot achieve the high temperatures that gas-powered deep fat dryers can achieve

As you can see there are more good points than bad when it comes to electric fryers. Now lets have a look at the other main type of fryer: the gas powered version.

Gas Deep Fat Fryers

A gas deep fat fryer is powered either by natural gas or propane. They are generally used in commercial kitchens.

Pros and Cons of Gas Deep Fat Fryers:

Just like we did for the electric version let’s have a look and good and bad points of gas powered fryers.
Pros of Gas Deep Fat Fryers:

  • Both natural gas and propane are cheaper sources of energy than electricity.
  • They take less time to heat up.
  • They can achieve higher cooking temperatures.

Cons of Gas Deep Fat Fryers:

  • Their servicing costs are higher; more maintenance cost.
  • A few common and problematic situations faced by gas deep fat fryers are oil taint and oil burn at the base of the deep fat fryer. This occurs when food debris travels travel to the base of the tank and carbonizes due to the presence of a high temperature level.

Deep Fat Fryer Buyers Check-list

If you are seriously thinking about buying a deep fat fryer, before reading the reviews we recommend you have a check-list to hand so you know what you are looking for. Use this list to help priorise what you are looking for and what makes a product the best deep fat fryer.

  • Construction: Commercial fryers are available in mild steel and stainless steel. Stainless steel deep fryers are less prone to corrosion than the mild steel deep fat fryer and therefore, they usually come with a longer guarantee. On the flipside, they are more costly. On the other hand, a mild steel deep fat fryer is much cheaper but they are susceptible to expansion under heat which may damage their welds over the course of time.
  • Size: The capacity of the appliance should also be taken into account to provide more value for your money. A rule of thumb is, the bigger the capacity of the deep fat fryer the more the purchase price.
  • Dipping Basket: To achieve an alluring crispy texture and the elusive loud crunchy noise upon biting, a dipping basket is essential. A deep fat fryer with a dipping basket requires less oil than a deep fat fryer without one.
  • Viewing Portal: A viewing portal (such as one in the form of a window) is an ideal feature as it enables you to keep track of the progress without the dangers associated with removing the lids.
  • Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance: Opt for a deep fat fryer which has easy removable parts, dishwasher-style parts and so on to allow for a thorough cleaning. If it is a commercial grade deep fat dryer, ensure that it has its own drainage system and oil filtration system. Involving employees in the process of filtering oil with an exterior system puts them at a dangerous scenario.

Now that you are fully keyed up on what makes a good fryer head over to the deep fat fryer page and pick one of the great products on sale today.